iSurgical3D custom pectus excavatum repair bar - Nuss procedure

R&D Surgical - iSurgical3D Custom Pectus Excavatum Repair Bar - for Nuss procedure

Product Details

iSurgical3D have developed an innovative, personalized prosthesis for Pectus Excavatum minimally invasive surgical correction. By means of using pre-surgical imaging (CT or MRI), the proprietary computer modelling is able to determine the exact size and shape of bar in order to suit each patient's unique needs.

The resulting personalized prosthesis presents a smooth curvature and perfectly fits the patient's deformity, which assures a uniform distribution of the forces required to elevate the sternum above the ribs. Such characteristics allow the patient to feel low discomfort during the immediate post-operatory period.

Perfect fit for size and shape

Bar is supplied pre-bent saving valuable operative time

One integrated stabiliser (second stabiliser available if requested)

Stainless Steel or Titanium as required

"Long Bar" and "Short Bar" technique bars available

Smooth curvature reduces post-operative pain

Our unique software can predict when more than 1 bar is required for a satisfactory correction

More images

Pectus Bar 3D Scan

Computer modelling showing placement of bar

Computer modelling aids in perfect fitting and placement of the bar

Pectus bar with built in stabilizer

Bar with inbuilt stabilizer

Our bar has a perfectly smooth profile for less pain, and has built in stabilizer saving operative time

Pectus Excavatum Computer Model 3D

3D computer model of pectus excavatum

Our unique 3D model is able to clearly visualise the problem for the best possible correction