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TRAUMA FRACTURE - Easy and Stable Repair

Costal fractures and sternal fractures are frequent injuries in the case of blunt thoracic traumas that occur as a result of external violence.

Blunt trauma to the chest usually occurs in the case of traffic accidents, falls from a considerable height, occupational accidents, household accidents, during sporting activities or due to targeted physical violence. Patients usually suffer from severe pain and, as a result, consciously avoid breathing in deeply, coughing and movements that intensify the pain.

Surgical stabilization of costal and sternal fractures can reduce pain and tends to speed up patient mobilization.

Technical Advantages

The Titanium 3D rib clip and the sternal clip are one item so time-consuming intraoperative configuration is eliminated

Three-dimensional formability of the Titanium clips, axial torquing and / or horizontal bending for precision adaptation to the anatomical situation

Functionally stable, flexible costal and sternal osteosynthesis, no rigid fixation

Only one pair of fixation pliers is required to affix the Titanium 3D rib clip

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Fixation pliers

Fixation Pliers

Pliers for affixing the titanium rib clip to the rib

Rib clips

Titanium 3D rib clips

Surgical stabilization of ribs

Rib clips with titanium connecting bar

Titanium 3D rib clips and connecting bar

Titanium 3D rib clips with titanium connecting bar

Sternal closure device

Sternal closure

Titanium sternal clip