Xenosys L2SW Wireless Dental Headlight

L2SW mounted to loupes

Xenosys L2SW Wireless Dental Headlight

Product Details

Xenosys L2SW Wireless Dental LED Headlight offers unbeatable portability for a comfortable lighting solution for modern dentistry

4 batteries included - 2 standard, and 2 extra long capacity

Up to 8hrs 30 minutes per charge on long capacity battery, 5hrs 30 minutes on standard capacity

Bright and clear light provides accurate illumination with 90+ CRI

Perfectly even lighting - no "hot-spots" just bright even lighting

Light and comfortable with completely wireless freedom

Less than 27g with battery fitted

Magnetic battery attachment for secure yet near instant battery changes

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L2SW bulb without battery

L2SW headlight without battery fitted

Incredibly lightweight with simple magnetic battery changes. Soft touch control on the front for easy operation

L2SW headlight on loupes with anti-cure filter fitted

L2SW headlight with anticure filter fitted to loupes

L2SW headlight includes a fitted anticure filter for composite work

L2SW full system

L2SW wireless headlight full system

L2SW wireless headlight comes with everything that you need, and more. 4 batteries. Charger base. Bulb. Anti-cure filter. Cleaning cloth. Convenient mini-screwdriver