Xenosys L2S15 Surgical Headlight

Xenosys L2S15 Portable LED Surgical Headlight

Product Details

Xenosys L2S15 Portable LED Surgical Headlight offers a completely portable lightweight solution. With this headlight, awkward light cables and large and bulky lightsources are a thing of the past. The L2S15 headlight provides perfectly even and bright lighting across the surgical field, and can easily be mounted to almost all loupes available on the market, and with a small belt mounted battery pack you are free to easily move around the operating theatre. The headlight is light and can not be felt while on the loupes. Optional headband is also available.

Up to 23 hours of continuous use per charge

Up to 59000 lux of even brightness

Bulb with cable less than 30g

Complete system with 2 batteries and charger

Included protective carrying case to protect your investment

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L2S15 Bulb Closeup

L2S15 Bulb Closeup

Universal fitting for all loupes. Lifetime warranty for bulb.

L2S15 on Loupes

L2S15 mounted on Loupes

Loupes mounted for comfort. Light and comfortable for all day wear

L2S15 Full System

L2S15 Headlight Full System

L2S15 comes complete with protective carrying case and a full array of acessories - entire system

L2S15 Full System

L2S15 Control Unit with Remote Control

L2S15 comes complete with remote control for easy hands free operation when sterile.