Xenosys L2S14C Surgical Headlight

Xenosys L2S14C Wireless LED Surgical Headlight

Product Details

Xenosys L2S14C Wireless Surgical Headlight offers a headband-integrated wireless solution to operating theatre lighting. The headlight and battery are integrated into a semi-rigid headband offering stable lighting that remains comfortable all day. The quality of the light is second to none, with bright and even lighting across the surgical field.

Up to 27 hours of continuous use per charge

Up to 32000 lux of even brightness

Strong and even field of light - no "hot spot" in the center

Headband easily cleanable with washable neoprene comfort pads

Complete system with 2 batteries and charger

Included protective carrying case to protect your investment

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L2S14C Bulb Closeup

L2S14C Bulb Closeup

Easily adjustable for the perfect view. Lifetime warranty for bulb

L2S14C Profile View

L2S14C Profile view

Light and comfortable with an easy to clean headband

L2S14C Full System

L2S14C Headlight Full System

L2S14C comes complete with protective carrying case and a full array of acessories - entire system

L2S14C With Battery Inserted

L2S14C With Battery Inserted

L2S14C comes complete with 2 light and powerful batteries which can power the system for up to 27 hours per battery