Xenosys L2S09 Surgical Headlight Parts and Service

Xenosys L2S09 Portable LED Surgical Headlight Parts and Service

Product Details

* New Model Available L2S15 - Bright and Longer Battery Life! *

Xenosys L2S09 Portable LED Surgical Headlight has long been a favourite for surgeons across specialities. R&D Surgical Ltd. are pleased to be able to supply a full range of spare parts for your existing systems, as well as a diagnosis and repair service for any lights that require servicing.

Full parts and repair/replacement service available.

Parts held in stock within the UK for immediate delivery

Expert staff can quickly diagnose and resolve any faults

Restore your headlights to perfect working order

Replacement batteries will make your headlight feel new again

More images

L2S09 Bulb Closeup

L2S09 Bulb Closeup

L2S09 bulb closeup. Part number LLM0966, LLM0974, LLM0982.

LCU09 Closeup

LCU09 Control Unit

Xenosys L2S09 control unit. Part number LCU09.

L2S09 BTP09 Battery Closeup

BTP09 Battery Packs

Xenosys L2S09 batery packs. Part number BTP09.

L2S09 ACU09 Aux control cable

ACU09 Auxiliary Control Unit/Inline Remote Control

Xenosys L2S09 auxiliary control unit / inline remote control. Part number ACU09.