Grena NE'X Glue Surgical Adhesive

Grena NE'X Glue Surgical Adhesive

Product Details

R&D Surgical are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of Grena NE'X Glue Surgical Adhesive.

NE’X Glue® is two component surgical adhesive which covalently bonds with tissue and takes a form of flexible hydrogel. It also mechanically binds with synthetic materials. Such features allow for strong tissue - tissue or tissue - synthetic material connections.

Combination of purified albumin and aldehyde in optimal ratio with precise mixing inside the applicator of the delivery device allows for full consumption of aldehyde during the polymerisation. As a result, a biocompatible flexible hydrogel is created.

Key Features

Variety of available volumes – 2, 5 and 10 ml

Standard and spreader applicator tips

Room temperature storage

Ready for use in seconds

Easy to use

Full polymerization in 20-30 seconds

Full strength in 2 minutes

Works independently of the coagulopathic state of the patient

Stronger than sealants based on fibrin or polyethylene glycols

For full product details including videos please visit the official Grena website below

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Grena NexGlue Tip Choice and Volume Choices image

Grena NexGlue Tip Choices and Volumes

Range of tips and 3 available volumes