Chest Drains / Thoracic Catheters

R&D Surgical Ltd Chest Drains / Thoracic Catheters

Product Details

The R&D Surgical Ltd. single-patient, sterile, chest drains / thoracic catheters are delivered in a sterile, peel pack. R&D Surgical Ltd. can provide the chest drains sterile, or bulk non-sterile for inclusion in packs if desired. R&D Surgical Ltd. always keep these chest drains in stock for fast delivery.

CE Marked

Made from non-toxic medical grade PVC (guaranteed latex free)

Straight Chest drains and Angled Chest Drains available

Smooth large eyes to maximise drainage from the chest

Tapered tongue fixed at proximal end - provides excellent forceps grip

Radio opaque

Delivered as a box of 25, with each drain sterile and individually double wrapped

Silicone drains are also available if desired

We are usually able to offer a good saving on these due to the volume we supply all over the world